About me.

Hello future lover,

I’m Monica, and I'm proud to call myself one of the most sought-after Melbourne escorts.

I am an exotic woman with luscious long hair, soft honey-coloured skin and a delicate petite frame. Many say my beauty on the exterior is breathtaking, but I believe that a woman's true beauty is what’s inside her heart. Those close to me adore my kind nature, warm personality and my ability to make people feel amazing. 


Settled and educated in Australia from a young age, I'm an eloquent woman with a witty sense of humour. (Dad jokes are always welcome and encouraged!) I try very hard not to pretend that I am your perfect plaything or some kind of Asian sex symbol. I'm a multifaceted human leading a full life of my own with a full-time career, many successes and plenty of struggles. As such, I can offer you humour, inspiration, a deeply meaningful connection and nothing but my authentic self. I have a solid base of regular clients who have said I've made a positive, everlasting change in their lives.

In my early 30's and educated to Master's level, I have for several years worked alongside men in a male-dominated professional industry. As such, I know a thing or two about the male psyche. I know my way around your most powerful sexual organ: your mind.

Have you ever fantasised about a beautiful woman who treats you like the only man in the world?

Do you miss being lovingly touched, smiled at and desired for the exceptional man that you are? I understand the feeling and I’d love to be the one who reignites the fire in your soul. I'm longing to have someone to admire and share myself with.

I'd love it if you invite me on a dinner date. The curious little girl in me loves nothing more than to indulge in a delicious meal while connecting with you in a lighthearted conversation (or a thought-provoking one if that's where the mood takes us). Imagine feeling the intensity of our sexual tension grows in anticipation of what follows... Or if you're short for time, I suggest that you invite me over for a glass of wine and let me excite you intellectually and sensually... With enthusiasm and passion, I promise to bring out the sensual side of you that you thought you'd lost. Your search ends here with me. Allow me to make you feel alive again, lover. 

Outside of this little world of mine as Monica, I lead a rather conventional life with several other passionate pursuits. Yoga, running, bushwalking, trips away and getting lost in a good book are some of the joys I fill my calendar with. So, don't wait too long to contact me as my availability often fills up quickly. Say hi today and let's plan something together xx

I can't wait for our first encounter,


P. S. If you'd like to get to know me a little bit more before we meet, or perhaps wondering who I am and what's on my mind, please feel free to check out these pages:

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