About me.

Hello gentlemen, 

I’m Monica, and I'm proud to call myself one of the most sought-after Melbourne companions.

On the exterior, as you would've seen from my photos, I look quite exotic. My hair is long and jet black, my body petite and tight, thanks to my SE Asian heritage. Can you guess where I'm from?

My personality is warm, caring and easy to be with. I am a deep thinker by nature, which makes me a curious listener and an articulate conversationalist. I always carry myself with grace and elegance in public, but I don't take myself too seriously. Those close to me adore my quick wit and cheeky sense of humour. So may I suggest we get to know each other over a glass of champagne and have a little laugh together? (My drinks date is perfect for this *Hint Hint*).

In private, I have a weakness for intimacy and closeness. I prefer not to put myself in the traditional box of GFE or PSE, however. I'm a real human being rather than a robot that can shift back and forth. I really like to provide companionship where I could be with you emotionally and physically, form a connection, be a sounding board and have amazing intimacy with lots of passionate kisses and loving embraces. They’re my favourite things. The trust and connection I develop with you will influence our time together. Sometimes I'm more GFE and other times I'm leaning towards PSE. You'll definitely meet my genuine self and our chemistry will be real. How our encounter turns out, however, is something I cannot predict but very much look forward to discovering. Possibilities are limitless but as a general guide, please refer to What to Expect and my Testimonials.

Together with you, I'd like to take time to create beautiful memories for us to look back and smile at, something very very special only we know. I want to be the reason for that cheeky grin on your face the next morning. But even more so, I must admit, I want to be someone you remember for a lifetime.

When we meet, you'll see that being a companion is my true calling. It makes me truly happy to share some of the most intimate parts of myself with respectful gentlemen who value my company. Outside of companionship, I lead a fulfilling life of my own. I have a full-time professional career, a close family and a small circle of friends I adore. I keep my body active with daily Yoga or Pilates and my mind busy with reading on my various interests, which include the history of art, neuroplasticity, cosmology, properties and investing, just to name a few.

I'm very much looking forward to connecting and sharing myself with you. Shall we meet and see what magic we can make together?

P. S. if you'd like to get to know me a little bit more before we meet, or perhaps wondering what we could talk about (there's plenty!) Please feel free to check out Quick Facts.