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About me.

Hello future lover,

I'm Monica, an exotic beauty from the Land of Smiles. Educated and settled in Australia from a young age, I'm an eloquent woman who has a genuine interest in a broad range of topics and current affairs (no pun intended). I'm blessed with stunning South-East Asian features, alluring dark brown eyes, luscious silky locks and a sweet smile that gives a hint of mischief.


My gentle demeanour and hedonistic inclination are the traits of my heritage that never left me. Despite my sweet and innocent exterior, sensuality is a big part of my personality. I crave it and never seem to have enough. A few years ago, I started moonlighting as an escort to satisfy my curiosity. Now I’m deeply grateful for how this little hobby of mine has brought some of the kindest, most amazing people into my life and that is why I can’t wait to meet you.

If it's been a long time since a woman made you feel like the only man in the world, treated you as somebody and listened to what you have to say, I can give you that and more. It'd be my pleasure to be your refuge from the Rat Race or the Hum Drum. Imagine relaxing in the arms of a beautiful woman with whom you can just be yourself, in a space you are free to chat, kick back and be pampered for a change.

I'm incredibly excited for us to create something beautiful together. Loving touches, passionate kisses and dreamy pillow talks are some of my favourite things I'd like to share with you. With me, it'll feel natural and easy. If you are the quiet type, I am happy to lead the way. If you are a talker, I am here to listen. I do like to be involved in the conversation, though. What do you seek, a passionate hotel rendezvous, nibbles and giggle, or something more adventurous like tapas, a winery, a gallery visit? I've found these simple joys can become unforgettable memories when shared with someone special.

Please contact me early as my availability often fills up quickly. As an exclusive companion, I don't see more than one client a week. Say hi today and let's plan something together.

Text or email me. I will respond as soon as I can.

I can't wait for our first encounter,


P. S. If you'd like to get to know me a little bit more before we meet, or perhaps wondering who I am and what's on my mind, please feel free to check out these pages:

Quick Facts

What to Expect


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