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Read the answers to your questions here. Still curious? Text or email me.


As your private escort, I aim to create an experience in which you and I feel safe and are free to explore where the mood takes us. I don't have a service list. If you need to ask for one, perhaps I am not the right escort for you.

Happy to discuss boundaries privately if you have questions. 

Deposit & Payment.

I prefer to accept 20% deposit via bank transfer to my discreet bank account. Please note that I don't accept cash deposit at a bank branch as I require a record of transaction in my bank account for my safety.

The BEEM app and online gift cards are also accepted provided that you've given me a copy of your photo ID or utility bill with your legal name and address. This is for my safety. Your details will not be forwarded to anyone. Well, only to the cops if anything happens to me.


If you need to cancel, I ask that let me know as soon as you can. I most cases, your deposit will have gone towards booking a hotel so I am not able to give you a refund. If your booking is an outcall I am happy to put your deposit towards our next date. 

If I need to cancel for any reasons at all, you will receive a full refund (and a full-hearted apology)

Costume Requests & Roleplays.

Please kindly note I don't offer specific outfit requests or roleplays. This is because I see myself as a multi-dimensional person with my own thoughts and feelings. I am not comfortable as someone's vessel of fantasy. Having said that, I am more than happy to dress for the occasion.


As a guide, "Please dress casually", "Please put on your best sundress if you have one", Please meet me in your office attire" are OK. However, "Please bring your school girl outfit", "Please dress up as a nurse" make me uncomfortable. I think you get the idea. Thank you!

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