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What are your services?

Although I have a so-called “service list” and you can view it here, I’d like to clarify that it’s simply a list of what’s possible within our time together. Please don’t think of it as a “menu” or a “checklist”. As your private escort, I aim to create an experience in which you and I feel safe and are free to explore where the mood takes us. We all have our boundaries and I'm just making things a little easier for both of us by putting mine in writing.


Do you offer incalls?

In the state of Victoria, incall bookings (where you come to see a private escort at their residence) are illegal, so my general answer to this question is no. However, I can host at an extra cost of $100 and this needs to be organised in advance (on most occasions at least 24 hrs prior). Please note that I will require a deposit.


Could you please be discreet when you come to see me?

Always. Discretion is as important to me as it is to you. In a public meeting, you'll always see me dressed inconspicuously. Rest assured the only attention I'll draw in public will be for my style and my smile.

As a guide, for casual meetings, I'll turn up in a demure dress or a nice pair of jeans, high heels and a cute blouse. For special occasions such as your corporate outings or our romantic fine-dining, I will take your lead. I own a wide selection of corporate attire and classic evening dresses.

Payments & Deposits.

What are your payment channels and deposit policy?

I offer several payment channels for your convenience. Although cash in person is preferred for privacy reasons, in all circumstances I will require a 20% deposit before our meeting. This can be made via bank transfer to my discreet bank account, cash deposit at the branch, Beemit or an online gift card. Please let me know which method you prefer and I'll give you the details. The remaining balance should be handed to me in cash at the beginning of our meeting.

If you have paid a deposit and I have to cancel our meeting for any reason at all, rest assured you will be refunded in full, with a wholehearted apology from me. 

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