Gifts are not necessary to me but they are thoughtful gestures that would make me feel special and loved. If you choose to show your appreciation for me through gifts, please know that I feel grateful knowing that you have thought of me and taken the time to pick something out for me. The list below is merely a guide, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss if you have something else in mind, or even better - surprise me. I love surprises!

Souvenirs - If you are traveling, something native to your local area. I would like to keep it, and every time I look at it I will think of you and our encounter.

Food - I like berries and chocolates. Homemade food, if you like to cook.


Handbags - Quality over quantity, I adore anything from Louis Vuitton, especially in the Monogram Vernis collection. 


Books - Any titles you think I will be interested in. I will enjoy talking to you about what I've learnt from the book.


Clothing - Polished and feminine is my style. I love to dress to show my shape, not my skin. A knee-length, bodycon dress size 6 from CUE or would fit me perfectly.


Art - Gustav Klimt is my favourite painter. I love his highly decorative and erotic style. I enjoy items with his work on them – a nice mug, scarf, etc.

Perfume - Any scent you like on a woman and I will wear it for you every time we meet. 

Lingerie - Anything you would like to see me wearing for you. For sizes, pleases see vital stats

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