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Top 3 getaway ideas that get me excited every time (the last one may surprise you)

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Hello again,

How are things at your end? I hope you’ve been enjoying life lately. I know I haven’t written anything here for ages. Since the lockdown finished, I’ve been busy making memories in the real world, far far away from my computer screen. I resigned from my job earlier this year, learned some new skills and took up a few exciting projects, all the while travelling around Australia and overseas to make up for what I missed out on in lockdown. I’ve been to awesome places and met some amazing people recently. It’s been fun. Even at the time of this writing, I’m glamping in a remote NSW town. This is supposed to be the time when I sit under the sun, reading Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office in the beautiful soft breeze with Kookaburras laughing in the background (one of my favourite noises). But in reality, it’s grey and pouring outside. So here I am, left alone with my thoughts, itching to put them down in words. As far as I’m concerned, I already have my version of a “corner office” so I’m sure the book can wait while I pen down the adventures I’ve been dreaming of over the last few weeks. I’m excited. Ready? Here goes:

A road trip to a winery

I’ve been to plenty of wineries but I’m quite happy not to call myself a wine connoisseur (yet, probably never?) I treat flavours and aromas like I treat art. To me, the good ones are the ones that please the senses and make me happy. I once bought a bottle of white wine because it strangely tastes like freshly cut green capsicum and I thought it would pair well with one of my favourite dishes – Thai Curry Crab (and it did!) Tell me about the funny notes you can taste. I think it’s fascinating how our senses work. I don’t drink much usually, but wine tasting is something I’m always up for! I like finding out how the type of grape and its origin make such a difference in how the wine tastes. To be honest with you, though, I’ll probably forget everything the host tells us by the time the tasting finishes anyway (tipsy hehe). Time to walk down to the restaurant for a gourmet lunch, and a fruit and cheese platter, followed by a drive back to our hotel for a cuddle? I think so.

In Melbourne, we’re spoilt for choices of wineries in the Mornington Peninsula. Polperro Winery, Avani Wines, Mont Rouge and Trofeo Estate are some of the delicious-looking places I’ve been eyeing lately. As for accommodations, the Jackalope Hotel and Cassis on Red Hill look amazing and perfect for a romantic getaway. Both places offer a villa/suite with a beautiful standalone spa bath. Mmmm I’m just picturing us enjoying our wine in the bubble bath…. Do you like the sound of that as much as I do?

(I’m also up for a whisky and gin tasting as well, sounds fun!)

Let me be your kept woman for the night

This is a long-term fantasy of mine. Although I have no interest in being a full-time kept woman in real life, I adore it when you sneak me around (or sneak around to see me). It’s a major turn-on of mine. I’d love it if you fly me to join you on your work trip interstate or overseas. Imagine you’re trying to close an important business deal, knowing I’m impatiently waiting for you in our suite, thinking about you. Let me greet you in my silky night dress (or nothing). I’ll put a glass of wine in your hand and run us a bath when you come home. All I ask of you is to entertain me and pretend you’re not a father or a husband – just my lover for the night. Let me create a home you wish you had. I’m not too great at cooking, though. Luckily, most hotel suites don’t have a kitchen. So that’s my excuse. I’d like to put on one of my pretty little dresses to come down to the hotel restaurant with you and be your arm candy for the evening (I think I should also warn you of the attention we’ll be attracting, so I hope you’re comfortable with that?)

I love hotel suites and am more than happy with whatever suits your work requirements, as long as you tag me along. Otherwise, my absolute favourite hotels in Melbourne are the Park Hyatt, Hotel Chadstone, Crown Towers, the Como and the Intercontinental. In Sydney, I love the QT, Pier One Sydney Harbour, the Four Seasons and the Intercontinental Double Bay. Admittedly, I haven’t stayed in Canberra before, but Midnight Hotel and Ovolo Nishi look quite awesome! For overseas, I do love the Ritz Carlton, but I’ll let you pick. You know better than me.

(If you don’t have a work trip coming up, fake one just for me? xx)

Bushwalking and Airbnb

Hiking is one of my favourite outdoor things to do. My love for exploration has been growing very quickly in recent years with the realisation of how incredible nature is. The more I explore, the more I want to. It’s an endless cycle of curiosity, starting with a trip to New Zealand in 2018. I hiked up some very amazing rock formations to get a view of the Glacier up close and trekked through the dense forest of prehistoric ferns. Since then I’ve done an overnight hike in the mountains of Thailand, slept in the mod-con-free village and bathed under the waterfall. Aside from proper hikes, I also very much enjoy a relaxing stroll in the bush. I think it’s very romantic. Let’s head to the bush and keep our eyes peeled for wombats and wallabies (I hope one day to see the woylies and the quokkas in Perth!) I’m picturing a cozy morning of us grazing on a fruit platter on the balcony of our AirBnB before putting on our hiking boots to head up the mountain for the day. Perhaps a long shower for two, followed by a cheeky afternoon nap when we get back from our walk?

I came across some cute cottages nestled in the picturesque mountain backdrop and haven’t stopped dreaming ever since. The Wilson Prom in Victoria is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a weekend getaway. Coastal View Cabins, Cottage by the Sea and Banksia are some of the most romantic cottages I found on the Airbnb website. Macedon Ranges and the Great Ocean Road are my next favourite Victorian destinations. The Blue Mountain Ranges in NSW, the Bay of Fires and the Cradle Mountains in Tasmania are amazing places I’ve been wanting to visit outside Victoria. For overseas, OnlyLuxe offers some self-guided trekking tours. They sound awesome!

That’s all I have off the top of my head – for now. Undoubtedly I’ll be updating this list as I go. One of my goals for 2023 is to travel more and I’ve started planning for that already. As of the time of this writing (start of November 2022), I’ve booked trips to three countries (planning for at least one more) and one Australian city. I’d love to hear about your travel plans and it’d be my absolute pleasure to join you on some of your trips! This goes without saying that I ADORE our quality time in the hotel. I love it and will never grow tired of it. This list is a collection of the experiences I may have had before and am craving more of, as well as the ones that have been in my daydreams for some time. It serves to inspire and bring out the love of adventures you have but maybe forgotten. I want to be the first person you think of when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of real life.

So, shall we start planning?


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