Be with me.

2-Hour Drinks Date.


I'll join you for a drink or two. Let's get to know each other before we really get to know each other. Approx. 30-45 mins drinks & chats + private time for the remainder. 


2-Hour Privacy.


Let's skip the drinks and head up to your hotel room. Forget everything else for a while and allow me to seduce you. 2hrs of private time.


3-Hour Dinner Date.


Take me to dinner with you. Let's enjoy delicious food, fine wine and great chats. Maybe a little footsie under the table? Approx 1-1.5hr social time + private time for the remainder. Not necessarily in that order. 


4-Hour Extended Dinner Date.


Let's take a little more time to enjoy ourselves. Deeper chats, longer cuddles and more pillow talk. You don't have to choose between the dessert and me (*wink wink*). Approx 1.30—2hrs of social time + private time for the remainder. 


6-Hour Adventure.


Let's visit cool places, hear some music and see some art? 6 hours together. Includes a social activity (or 2), a meal (or 2), and private time. Flexible time distribution.




Enjoying the evening and hoping we could be together for a little longer? Why don't we just fall asleep together for the night? I'll wake you up with a kiss. Available as an extension of my 4hr or 6hr date. Includes 8hrs of sleep + 1hr private time in the morning.


Weekend Sleepover.


My favourite way to spend a weekend! I'll meet you for brunch on Saturday before we go on an adventure together. Lunch, dinner playtime rolled into one. Let's fall asleep and spend our Sunday rolling in bed until midday.


Fly Me To You


I'll join you in your city for the weekend. Price is all-inclusive of my travel time, accommodation, flights and all transportation to get to you.


The above pricing applies only to outcalls. If you're unable to host, please contact me to discuss arrangements. Please note this will incur some costs. A small deposit is required to confirm our date and fully refundable on an extremely rare occasion that I have to cancel, or in case of lockdown due to covid-19.

Please note that the time frames above are given as a guideline. I am not too fussed. I would love for our time together to flow naturally and prefer not to put a timer on it, so please do not take advantage of this. If we've met and I've gone overtime with you before, please know that it was because I enjoyed our time together, but the extra time should never be expected xx