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Do you like what you see? These photos were taken professionally where I looked my absolute best, which accurately depict how I look as I step into a fine-dining restaurant to join you for a delicious dinner rendezvous, or perhaps walking beside you as your date in a private or corporate function. I love lingerie so these are some of my favourite sets that'd love to wear for you, if that's what you're into as well.

My looks are versatile and although I take great pride in my appearance, I do not take it too seriously. On most occasions, I am more laid-back. My everyday looks can be described as simple yet well put together and you can imagine that this is the way I look sitting opposite you in a cafe, strolling in the park, or perhaps going on a road trip with you. For more casual photos and phone selfies please feel free to check out my casual gallery

Candid & Selfies.

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