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Quick facts.

Personality: Warm & Empathetic. I've been told on multiple occasions that I have a calming influence on people. At a glance, I'm mild-mannered and softly spoken. But beneath my gentle exterior, I'm very strong-willed and a little sassy. 

Language: Settled in Australia at a young age, I am fluent in English, with a slight accent when I speak. I love chatting about various topics.  I sometimes express my thoughts in writing. I wrote all you see here on my website, including the blogs.

Nationality: Australian but was born and raised in an SE Asian country (in)famous for the full moon party.​

​​Hobbies: I love bushwalking and would love to do more. If you’re into it as well, let's go together. Going to live performances, visiting art galleries, museums and local antique/op shops whenever I find myself in a small town. Snorkeling and exploring rock pools in summer. Oh, and flirting with strangers 😉

Books: My go-to is personal development! Also, as a lifelong student of Philosophy, Psychology, and Finance, I update myself on these topics regularly. I enjoy dystopian fiction from time to time as well.

I'm currently reading a few books on psychology and marketing.

Films & TV shows: Most Tarantino films and I also enjoy anything by the Coen brothers. Breaking Bad. Ozark. Family Guy. Light-hearted romantic comedies.

Cuisines: I don't think there's a cuisine in this world that I don't like. My absolute favourite is anything seafood. In Melbourne, I love going to the Melba at the Langham for the fresh seafood selection. Although I love my restaurant dining, home-cooked meals melt my heart every time.

Arts: I love the use of patterns, vibrant colours and erotic style in Gustav Klimt’s paintings. His work also has sentimental value to me as it reminds me of my trip to Austria with my father.

Music: I like listening to classical music to wind down at the end of the day while reading. Other times I’m into the easy-listening stuff like Deep House, Soul, Neo-Soul and a bit of jazz here and there. As a 90’s kid, I also love my R&B.

Travel: I’ve been to parts of Europe and Asia and would love to explore more places. Currently, my favourite place in the world is the Maldives. In Australia, I love Tasmania for the oysters and its wacky art museum (MONA). Would love to visit Perth and the NT next. Did you know you can fly me to your city and have me all to yourself? *hint hint*

Values in life: I aim to build a life for myself that is full of love & support from good people, financial security, resilience, integrity, compassion & adventures. My work as a private escort plays an integral part in this!

Relationship status: Not in a relationship but always in love ❤️​

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