Quick facts

A little more about me

Language: I am fluent in English, with a slight accent when I speak. I've been told I have a cute voice. I wrote all you see here on my website, including the blogs.

Origin: Somewhere in SE Asia (in)famous for the full moon party.

Education: Australian Bachelor & Master’s degrees in the Commerce disciplines.

Career: Some sort of a Project Manager, nothing to do with my qualifications. Well, maybe a little bit as I use numbers on the daily basis.

Personality: warm, understanding, non-judgmental, humble, honest and easy-going, although have been called a princess by one of my most loved clients. I have a cheeky sense of humour -- check out my Twitter

Hobby: I love bushwalking and would love to do more—if you’re into it lets go together, reading, going to live performances, visiting art galleries; museums and local antique/op shops whenever I find myself in small towns. Oh, and flirting with strange men ;)

Books: Any Science, Economics, Psychology topics or Dystopian fictions. My current favourite is ‘Sapiens’.

Films: Dramas, because I’m no drama in real life & Rom-coms, because I’m female. My current favourite is ‘Love Actually’.

TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Friends, Law & Order, Family Guy. Currently watching ‘Brave New World’ on Stan.

Cuisines: I have a wide range of tastes, I love anything seafood. In Melbourne, I love going to the ‘Melba’ at the Langham for their fresh seafood selection. Although I love my restaurant dining, home-cooked meals melt my heart every time.

Arts: I love the use of patterns, vibrant colours and erotic style in Gustav Klimt’s paintings. His work also has a sentimental value to me as it reminds me of my trip to Austria.

Music: I like listening to classical music to wind down at the end of the day while reading. Other times I’m into the easy listening stuff like House, Soul, Neo-Soul and a bit of jazz here and there. As a 90’s kid, I also love my R&B.

Travel: I’ve been to parts of Europe and Asia and would love to explore more places. Currently, my favourite place in the whole wide world is the Maldives. In Australia, I love Tasmania for the oysters and their wacky art museum (MONA). Would love to visit Perth and the NT next.

Values in life: I don’t strive to be a billionaire (although I wouldn't mind being the wife of one). I aim to build a life for myself that is full of love & support from good people, financial security, resilience, integrity, passion & adventures.

Relationship status: Not in a relationship but always in love.