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I had been wanting to meet Monica since lockdown. Being interstate and with travel restrictions, I was regularly checking her Twitter/website and was drawn to her intelligence, depth of character and of course, her stunningly beautiful looks. Finally work brought me to Melbourne and last weekend and I had the honour of having her company for a dinner date. She is breathtakingly beautiful in person, even more so than her pictures. Very likely, as I did, you will fall in love with her smile and her laughter. Monica is warm and easy to talk to, she is everything she says on her profile and much more.

I wish to keep our intimate details private. All I am going to say is, our intimacy was nothing like I've ever felt before with any other woman. I'm in my mid 50s with quite a few experiences in my younger years, that should say a lot about our time together. Heaven, paradise, cloud 9, whatever you call it, Monica will take you there.


- M. June 2021

Monica has always been exemplary. My latest encounter played out a little differently however. For whatever reason, be it the lateness of the hour, a longer than usual booking time, the fact we hadn't seen each other in a while, or perhaps it was just the mood she was in, I observed a different side to her. This time, she was noticeably more playful, more vivacious, and even a little impish. There was a moment where, after I had just reached my zenith, we both sat there and giggled while looking at the mess I had just made on the bed. It was the type of giggle that comes from trying to suppress an irrepressible joy. I felt like I was re-living my first ever intimate encounter - waves of bewilderment, excitement and arousal all besetting me at the same time. At that moment, I was the personification of happiness.

I cannot say whether you will be taken to your special place, but the old adage of treating a person with respect and you will likely be repaid in kind, always rings true. Monica, thank you for taking me there.

- A. December 2018

It’s my considered opinion that Monica is the poster girl for her profession. Exemplary communication, beautiful body, accomplished skills and a thoughtful and caring mind.
You’d happily take Monica home to meet the family - if she let you!
The only problem I have with Monica is that she doesn’t live in the same city as me.

- S. August 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Monica recently. I would describe her as a softly spoken, mild mannered, kind hearted and endearing individual. Physically, she is a stunner - perfectly proportioned facial features, slim body, tanned and with delicate skin. Having one of these sides in a person is already an asset, but having both... well, one could argue that she is the perfect package.

I would describe my experience with her as akin to a soft porn movie. My mind was at times drifting in and out of reality, the boundary between it and fantasy having been blurred by her very presence. When she asked how I felt at various moments of the escapade, all I could come up with was "I'm fine", so lost was I with my senses that I couldn't come up with anything better.

Having seen her once now, I would ditto the last reviewer who said that Monica epitomises grace and elegance. Ne'er a truer word has been spoken.

- A. July 2018

Elegance and grace, two attributes of a woman that in these times are often lost or overlooked. Two attributes that excite the senses and cause a desire to meet the woman in person rather than desire from afar. I have found both of these attributes in a beautiful young woman named Monica. Her beauty is there for all to see, but her elegance and grace you can only experience in person. I am blessed that Monica has allowed me to experience her in person. The thought of having time with her excites the senses, the time I have with her is exhilarating and sensual, and when she leaves I feel contentment tinged with sadness that she is gone, but happiness that I have spent time with someone of such grace and elegance. Monica is an elegance that needs to be experienced and enjoyed, a grace that will excite you and a kindness that will melt your heart

- G. June 2017

Dear Monica.

I am writing this review as an open letter to you, rather than as a conventional review addressed to potential clients. In this way, I am expressing my gratitude primarily to you, yet others can read about your delights as well. You deserve the respect and appreciation that this format conveys.

Last week, I shared three relaxing hours with a beautiful human being. You wore a beautiful dress and the white lingerie from your Scalet Blue profile pics that I requested. We took it slowly at first, with me wanting to get to know you first through conversation and looking into your eyes. All the time, you gently held or played with my hand and we talked about many things.

[ Explicit details omitted ]

You describe yourself as down to earth. I agree and I like that you are not too precious about yourself, yet you are clearly sophisticated too. You just prefer to 'keep it real.'  You were genuine in all your interactions and we shared mutual respect, affection, passion and lust that will have me coming back for more. Your beauty on the outside is jaw-dropping but it cannot quite match your inner beauty.

'Til next time...

- M. April 2017

I had the pleasure of spending a lovely afternoon with Monica.

Firstly she was very professional and helpful in organizing an outcall location for me. I didn't want my name associated with any arrangement and she looked after it all.
Before the appointment, we discussed what I wanted from the meeting in some detail. This was done professionally but with a few jokes and goodwill thrown in for good measure. It set the scene for the afternoon itself as we knew pretty much what to expect and each other's expectations. It felt like I knew her before we met.

As nervous as hell I met with Monica and she immediately put me at ease. She is a beautiful young lady with a fantastic body and gorgeous eyes and a smile. She presented beautifully and just as I'd requested. She just looks great. I wanted elegant and I got it in spades.

She was involved and attentive from the start and we moved naturally through the afternoon. I don't plan to go into detail other than to say all my desires were met with consideration and enthusiasm. Sadly the day ended. A fantastic experience to be remembered with lots of affection.

Thanks, Monica and take care.

- J. July 2017

I spent a wonderful evening with Monica last week. I contacted Monica to set up a dinner date while I was in Melbourne. The arrangements went smoothly as Monica was easy to deal with in organising our appointment. In the evening Monica arrived at my hotel room and wow when I opened the door I was stunned at how beautiful she is. After a few minutes of talking, kissing and running my hands over her body I knew we had to go to the restaurant soon or we would never leave. Dinner was fun and Monica is easy to talk to and an engaging and intelligent woman. Once dinner was finished we made our way back to my room and the fun really started there. To say Monica is a passionate and incredibly sexy woman is an understatement. We started on the lounge and before long found ourselves on the bed and what followed was an amazing couple of hours. Will definitely see Monica next time I'm in town.

- J. October 2016

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