What to expect

mutual respect& Admiration

I am very selective of the people I allow into my life in general. I choose to see only those who will enrich my life, as I know I will enrich theirs. As my client, you are supporting my well-being and helping me in my journey to build a great life for myself. For these reasons, you deserve only my utmost respect and appreciation for just being a beautiful human and doing what you do for me.

Although only part-time, being a companion is my true calling and you will feel it in our very first encounter. I am very much into sex. In fact, I crave it, perhaps more than most women you know. I am multi-orgasmic. However I enjoy the journey as much as the destination, if not more. When you are with me, sexual acts are never the entirety of the experience. Intimacy, on the other hand, takes the centre stage of our rendezvous.

I want you to know that you can let your guard down with me. Judgement has no place in my company. I want to get to know you - how your mind works and how you view the world around you. Trust me to accept you just the way you are. I hope that when you run your fingers on my bare skin, you will realise that I am only a human being, lying naked in front of you, trusting you to do the same.

Let me ask you how long it has been since you completely let go of the expectations thrust upon you - as a man, a father and a husband? Wouldn't it feel nice to feel seen and appreciated just for being you? what if you could be with someone who puts YOU first?

Picture our first encounter, from the moment our eyes meet, our first 'hello' to the moment you realise our mutual admiration grows as we discuss topics dear to our hearts and tell each other silly stories. Before long, I am moving closer to you, reaching for your hand as I am impatiently waiting to feel your lips against mine... I'll let you continue with this story, and when you're ready to make it a reality, I am only one email away.