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My home fitness routine

Quarantine makes everything so much harder, that’s for sure! But I think there are quite a few ways to make sure we stay healthy and happy, even though we aren't supposed to leave home. I'm grateful that I'm fortunate enough to be in a position that I can aim to thrive rather than just to survive through the pandemic. Despite occasionally missing the lost lifestyle, in the past few weeks I've been rediscovering things I'd taken for granted and those simple activities brought me so much joy. So tell me what do you enjoy doing in quarantine? What do you do for your well-being? Is it meditation, exercise, immersing yourself in a good book, or binging your favourite Netflix shows like nobody else’s business?

After experimenting with a few different things, I have found the quarantine habits that allow me to make the most of my time at home. I briefly talked about my morning walks and yoga in my previous blog. This time, I want to share with you a little bit more about my yoga routine and wonderful things it has done for my mind and my body. For someone who lives in an apartment, yoga is perfect because it requires minimal space and equipment, plus it's the perfect excuse to tease you in my new tight clothing hehe (do you like the pictures?) At the start of quarantine, I decided on doing yoga just to commit myself to a new workout routine, little did I know that the benefits I received would reach beyond the physical fitness I was aiming for, and I truly feel it's one of the reasons I was able to return to my normal, happy self despite having to put my major dreams and goals on hold because of the pandemic! I’m not saying I’m a yoga guru, not just yet anyway. In my humble beginner's opinion, yoga is both a physical and mental exercise. It teaches you strength, endurance and mindfulness. Not only do I feel stronger physically now (if we’ve met before, next time we catch up you will get to FEEL my improvements hehe), I also feel calm, peaceful and uplifted throughout the day. Hmm, I didn’t know one could feel relaxed yet energised at the same time? Yoga is about connecting your body and mind and I believe that having a strong will to commit to the process is essential in achieving the various wellness benefits that yoga offers. Here are some photos of me in session, taken by a self-timer just for your enjoyment. I'm liking how yoga makes me feel overall and I hope you're liking what you see here. This is the type of clothing I wear to exercise at home (or sometimes nude, depending on my mood on the day). For my morning walks, I usually throw on either a hoodie or my Kathmandu weatherproof jacket if it's wet outside. Maybe soon we could get active together after the pandemic? Think about it and let me know. Oh wait, actually think about it, and me in my yoga clothes again and again, and let me know your thoughts will you?

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