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On gifts and glamour

Looking back now, it is so easy to see that I was young and a little naive when I decided on becoming Monica years ago. I’d read that infamous memoir and was drawn equally to the sex and the glamorous life that I thought high-end sex workers lived. Little did I know that what I’d seen and heard in the media was sensationalised to sell as if it was some sort of escapism fantasy.

At the start of it all, I was excited and honestly couldn’t wait to have my own very first client as Monica. I remember writing my own ad copy and looking up the synonyms for “classy” which I ended up using a few in my advertisements but hey, I have the education, the conversational skills, the fashion sense and interests in the arts to back it up, I thought. My self-written ad went online with a few photos of me in expensive lingerie that I had bought for my own collection (lingerie lover here) and since then I’ve met incredible men who’ve enriched my life in more ways than one and some still are my support and inspirations today, thanks to the good old Thesaurus.

Within a few months, I’d had people book me for an overnight, then a weekend, then an entire week. I’ve been flown overseas for a shopping trip in which I was treated to a few designer bags, each of which cost multiple thousands, meals at a few Michelin restaurants. Of course, as a young woman who would not have this experience otherwise, I felt incredibly lucky.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given as Monica back then but what I didn’t expect to find out in the past few months though, is that the love and support of Monica’s clients also extended to the woman behind her.

Behind all those buzz words that have been thrown around in my advertising, I am a regular woman with a whole life of my own who have been through some things that an average person my age would probably go through – a breakup, moving house, family stress, career change and personal growth in various aspects of my life. Stuck in lockdown and losing more than half of my income, I find myself in either track pants or activewear 24/7. No makeup and unmade hair, a far cry from the Monica the professional arm candy that I used to be known for. I have not been able to provide companionship for a few months now. Yet, my relationships with my lovers, both the familiar faces and new (online) ones have flourished and I have been blessed with their friendship and a helping hand.

I love and admire my clients for their success and hard work. Thanks to the relationship that we’ve built together, I feel comfortable to reach out to my regulars for some help and advice on various occasions. That there are also a few pieces of career advice that I took and followed through successfully – I have this person to thank for my recent promotion, which is a really important step of my career. I’ve told a few of my clients I have recently moved out and started again on my own and soon enough, my apartment is full of lovely furniture, work chair that won’t kill my back, a pantry stocked full of snacks and fridge of delicious homemade goodies, pot plants and flowers to brighten up my place. My little bookshelves are now filled with interesting titles. I entered into this industry for the sex and glamour but what I end up with is something much more profound and meaningful. My life, and also my heart, are full, all thanks to Monica’s clients whom I am proud to call friends.

Beyond the designer items and Michelin stars, the little gestures from my clients that ensure my well-being bring me so much joy. I feel that I am always taken care of and that someone out there always make sure I am warm, safe and happy. Nothing ever comes close to this feeling my so-called clients give me. You guys make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I can barely wait for the day we reunite – Monica (a.k.a P, as a few of you prefer ;) ) xo

P.S. The photo above is one of the few used in my first ever advertisement. It is from a time-for-print shoot by a lovely hobby photographer I found on Gumtree. I wanted to reach out to him and thank him for bringing you guys to me but sadly he is nowhere to be found, oh well.

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